Amazon health

Amazon health
Male doctor showing stethoscope for checkup. Close up of doctor hand holding stethoscope to auscultate breath. Doctor with stethoscope in hand on hospital background for medical visit.

Amazon Health

Big tech is very interested in health. They want to heal the world, and (mostly) “disrupt” a $8.4 trillion industry.

Google, IBM, Apple, and Microsoft are all splurging to get a piece of the healthcare pie.


You might think that if Amazon were to go into the health industry, it would be to fix the health issues of its warehouse workers.
However, you could not be more wrong.

They don’t give a sh*it and probably won’t as long as legislators don’t force them.


Alexa, scalpel

Amazon believes Alexa should be used in smarter ways than Tiktok jokes about gyms and gin.

We somehow feel the pain of the thousands of programmers and engineers who made Alexa, just to see it ridiculed.


They want to assist doctors and surgeons while their hands are busy.

If you wonder how surgeons would make a video to show how useful Alexa is, check this out.

There’s a reason why Star Wars was not made by surgeons…


Another goal is to assist you in making appointments, tracking your glucose level, tracking subscription deliveries, etc… In the US, it can even send your medical records.


Also, since they listen constantly, they could know when you’re sick or even if you’re having a heart attack (thanks to “agonal breathing”).


Cough, cough.

“George, it seems you’ve got the latest COVID variant. Allow me to cancel your vacation next week and share the information with the authorities and your health insurance. You are welcome !”



Amazon is developing a skin and breast cancer “vaccine for treatment” in collaboration with Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center.

Amazon contributes with machine learning, IA and huge calculation capacity.

The treatment is yet in phase 1 clinical trial.


Other initiatives

They already have Amazon Care, which is an online clinic service. They offer online specialists for non-emergency conditions. Amazon also has a diagnosis lab and offers health tracking tech, Halo.

We forgot to mention it, but of course they have an online pharmacy.